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  Since 1997 PAC Software have been able to offer clients complete control solutions. In the majority of cases specific hardware has been designed and custom software written to meet the necessary requirements.

From such projects PAC Software has developed a suite of hardware products. Typically the most appropriate hardware can now be selected and combined with custom software, all designed and packaged to meet the customer's specific requirements.

Our client base generally consists of OEMs who tend mainly to be manufacturers of automatic weighing or counting machinery. This is largely due to the fact that a lot of our experience has been gained in weighing and counting technologies. We work closely with our clients when producing a new control solution, as generally there is a significant amount of development involved. Once undertaking a project we pride ourselves on achieving a successful working solution because such success is the key to our rewards.

Our hardware products are largely based around the Motorola MC68376 microcontroller, or other variants of the 683xx microcontroller series. The hardware can be supplied in its simplest form and customers could undertake their own software implementation. Each board has its own 'boot' code, which configures the hardware and allows application downloads of user software.

PAC Software's team of software engineers has over 30 years experience in writing real-time embedded software. We can also provide a service to develop just the software in such cases where the client wishes to develop their own hardware.