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PAC012 - Single Board Control System with LCD
  The PAC012 is a fully featured single board computer using Motorola's MC68376 32-bit microcontroller. The board has a rich set of hardware features to enable it to control a variety of applications. It also has direct interfaces to several industry-standard LCD displays, keypads and membrane key panels making it ideal as a powerful control system with inbuilt LCD operator interface.  
  • Powerful Motorola 32-bit MC68376 microcontroller, using the CPU32 instruction set.
  • Programmable up to 20 MHz.
  • 512 Kbytes Flash memory 16 bits wide for program storage.
  • 128 Kbyte x 8 battery backed SRAM.
  • 32 Kbyte x 8 serial EEPROM for long term data storage.
  • Real time clock / calendar.
  • 4 digital inputs, individual link selectable to switch PNP or NPN.
  • 8 digital outputs. All outputs PNP, Drive capability 4 amps per 4 channels.
  • 4 channels 0-10 volt (link selectable 0-20ma) analogue inputs.
  • 4 channels 0-10 volt analogue outputs.
  • Full quadrature (A / B / Z) shaft encoder differential interface.
  • 3 Serial communication channels. 1 channel selectable for RS232, RS485 full duplex, 1 channel fixed RS232,
    1 channel fixed RS485 full or half duplex.
  • 1 channel CANbus interface at 1 Mbits/second. Full implementation protocol CAN 2.0 A and B.
  • 10 way Motorola recommended BDM header for development support in 68000 assembler or 'C' languages.
  • Addition of PAC018 debug board allows full program debugging, hardware breakpoints etc. via PC.
  • On board support for programming on-board Flash memory via PC COM port.
  • Direct interface to Hitachi backlit blue / white or black / white LCD displays.
  • All interfaces fully opto-isolated.
  • Single 24 volt supply. Reverse voltage protected.
  • All connectors simple screw terminal blocks, 3.81 mm pitch.
Board size 214 x 178 mm.
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